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Mission Statement

"To serve as a ministry first and a business second."

JC Music Connection - the "JC" stands for Jesus Christ and because this is His organization, we serve as a ministry first and a business second.  That's the reason we record only clean, family friendly music.  And the reason we offer our services on a donation or "love offering" basis, is so we can help as many artists as possible get their clean, family friendly music out into the world for ears to hear!

Project WON Studios - the word "Won" refers to Jesus Christ's work and victory on the cross, having defeated sin and death and provided a way for anyone and everyone who believes in Him to receive the free gift of salvation and have eternal life.  Christ's project is the work being done for His cause on the hearts and souls of every human on the planet with ears to hear.  Our client's project is their music, but very often, the two projects are one and the same in purpose. It is our hope that the Christian music produced in our studios will win over the hearts and minds of those who hear it so that, whether they already know the Lord or not, they may draw closer and come to know Him more!  That said, not all the music the studio records is religious in nature, but we do insist that all is clean in both language and context.  All artists recording with us are well aware of what - or rather who - we stand for.  From the environment of our facility, to the behavior of our staff and the practices that govern how we operate, we serve as a witness for Christ and as an alternative to what many artists might otherwise experience in the music industry.

Boat Rocker Records - again refers to Jesus Christ.  In His time spent among us in the flesh, Jesus was considered a man of radical and unconventional thought and action.  He wasn't afraid to "rock the boat"!  He challenged the status quo and religious dogma of those who would use "religion" to be more self-serving rather than truly serve God's children and give God the glory.  Likewise, Boat Rocker Records purposes to be a "radical" and unconventional alternative in the record industry.  We seek to be a label that is TRULY focused on what is best for our artists.  We aren't afraid to go against the status quo of our industry.  This is because we believe that by doing what is best for our artists,  we better equip and enable them to be better musicians, better servants to their fans and audience, and better people that will reflect the nature of God in all that they do.

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