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Thank you!


Your generosity will help us continue to offer quality music production services to artists that are dedicated to creating clean, family friendly music, but would not be able to afford these services otherwise!


If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact and speak with us directly.  We'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with any information you may require in order to feel completely comfortable with your decision.  Additionally, you may find the Q & A section below helpful in answering some of your questions.


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Frequent Questions and Answers Regarding Donations

Q:  Why are you asking for "non-service" donations?  What are the donations for?

A:  When an artist makes a "donation for services" offer that is below the suggested donation rate, we need "non-service" donations to kick-in to make up the difference.  Generally, our overhead expenditures are no different when helping an artist offering less than our suggested rate.  So anytime an artist cannot afford our full suggested price, there is a need for a non-service donation to make up the difference - and that's just to maintain our operation!   Of course, we want to be able to grow and expand our range of services and keep up with technology in order to offer our clients the level of professional quality service they'll need to compete in the music world.  We also want to hire more engineers and increase the amount of time we can dedicate to this ministry and enlist whatever means we can find to get the word out to as many artists as possible that we are here to help - and advertising is not cheap!  Of course, all this growth requires even more funding and need for more donations!

Q:  Are you a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization?  Will I receive a tax deductible receipt?

A:  At this time we are not "officially" a non-profit 501C3 organization, however we are taking serious steps towards that goal.  Again, this is something we could use your financial help with, because it takes money to set it all up!  At this present time, our official registration with the State of Washington is as a Sole Proprietorship under Mr. Joseph R. Nicholson, DBA: JC Music Connection, Project Won Studios and Boat Rocker Records, (WA State License # 601842793).  All donors WILL receive a receipt, but as far as we know, it is not tax deductible.  But please, consult your tax advisor to be sure!

Q:  Specifically, how will my donation be used , where does the money go, and how will I know?

A:  We'll answer this question in two parts.  The first part will explain the many different expenses your donation may help to cover.  The second part will explain how you are kept informed about how your donations are being used.

PART 1 - Your donations can be used in several possible ways.  There are monthly bills that the business/ministry must pay.  We need to pay off the bank loans that were incurred to finance the construction of our studio as well as the purchase of the majority equipment, software and instruments used.  There are other regular expenses like advertising and promotional costs, phone and internet costs, office and printing supplies, recording media (CD's, DVD's, CD/DVD cases, etc.).  There are travel and auto maintenance expenses, instrument tuning and maintenance expenses, (like piano tuning, new guitar strings, etc.), and there is the cost of keeping this web site going!  Then there is the occasional purchase and upgrading of studio gear and software to be able to offer our clients the quality of technology their music deserves.  Much of the technology we seek out and purchase is for the purpose of saving our clients money by using gear and software that allow us to process and edit audio quicker and more efficiently, and thereby saving time.  There is of course, all the usual utilities to pay, and there is the monthly mortgage on the facility itself.  Most of the utility and mortgage expenses are currently subsidized by the salaries the owner and his wife receive from their outside employment!  Of course, there is always the hope that after all monthly expenses are paid, there is something left to pay the owner and any other on-call staff members who have worked on projects during the month.  Last, but certainly not least, we make sure we give a portion to our local church.

PART 2 - There are basically two ways to donate.  The first way is to make a donation in exchange for services.  These donors are most often referred to as Clients.  The second way to make a donation... is to simply donate!  For this you will receive a receipt and, for a year following the date of your most recent donation, you'll receive a monthly newsletter, part of which contains a financial report and a general itemization of our expenses, the donations we've received, and how the donations are being used.

Q:  Can I specify how my donation will be used?

A:  It depends.  If you make a donation in exchange for a service - no.  If you make a "non-service" donation then yes, you may specify how the entire amount of your donation will be used within a given set of categories.  When you don't specify how you want your donation used, it will go into the general fund and used wherever it is needed most at the time.

If your question isn't listed, Click HERE to get an answer!

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