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Here's your A to Z connection to many different music resources.  Whether you're looking for music from great independent and small label artists or for service and support for your own musical goals, this is the place to get started!  And if there's something you can't find here or you know of a great connection you think WE should know about, please let us know about it! And if you want to advertise here for FREE, contact us!




Find Artists

Get Instruction

Get Pre-Pro Help

Find A Studio

Get Session Help

Bio, Music and Show/Concert Information


Music Classes / Lessons,

Consulting, Etc.


Composition, Arranging, Transposition,

Beat Track Creation, Etc.

Recording, Editing and

Mixing Services


Session Musicians,

Producer's, Etc.







Get Gear

Get Post-Pro Help

Get Support

Get Marketing Help

Find Venues

Musical Equipment Sales, Service and Rentals


Mastering, CD Manufacturing, Etc.



Labels, Publishers, Managers,

Legal Advice, Etc.


Portfolio / Press Kits, Promotion, Booking Agents,

Website Design, Etc.

Performance / Talent Showcases, Eating Establishments, Churches, Festivals, Etc.













Everything Else!




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